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Founded entirely on Turkish capital and currently under management of the 3rd generation of the Karamanci family, Karamanci Holding is an entrepreneurial organization. The company, with its subsidiaries, employs close to 3000 employees and does business in the textile, infrastructure and energy sectors. With its pioneering practices and outstanding employees, Karamanci Holding has been expanding its product and service range over four continents. The company currently operates in four main industries and in three countries, Turkey, Romania and Bahrain.

Karamanci Holding, with its subsidiaries Orta Anadolu, is among the top suppliers of denim fabric and jeans. Orta global operations, selling to the best and biggest brands worldwide. The textile group operates through factories in Turkey and Bahrain.

In the infrastructure business, Karamanci Holding subsidiary, Superlit, produces and implements GRP water pipe systems worldwide, with shipments reaching as far as Australia. Production is currently carried out in Romania and Turkey.

Clean energies are essential for the future of the planet. As such, Karamanci Holding has been widening its investments in renewable energy generation since 2006. Karel Energy Company currently operates a 25 MW hydroelectric power plant, with further plant projects under construction. The company plans to expand in this industry in the near future.

Karamanci Holding aims to perpetuate the value it adds to our nation's economy, its contribution to the wellness of its employees and the modern practices in customer service and R&D.

The values we have consistently held include;

  • Spearheading Innovation: The success of our businesses lies in our continuous R&D efforts. Advances in our industrial technologies has not only made our production more efficient, but has been a driver for the textile and infrastructure industries, globally.

  • Providing unrivaled customer service: Our customers' happiness and continued business keep our company prosperous and successful. This we believe is achieved, not through price competition alone, but respectable and honest business practices and impeccable customer service.

  • Contributing to our nation: Both in adding economic value and employment opportunities, we strive to keep Karamanci Holding a value and employment generating company for our nation.

  • Ensuring health and happiness for our employees: We believe that we are one family with our employees and must strive to cherish wellness and happiness of all. This provides for a great work environment, and success for the company and its employees.

  • Preserving our planet: Karamanci Holding is committed to preserving the environment and the pale blue dot on which we live. As such we make big efforts in using clean energies, minimizing waste and recycling.

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